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Hey, my name is Murray.


am here to help you rediscover your true self, build and further deepen healthy relationship with your mind, body and spirit. I build life smart programs tailored for your individual long term benefit. 


Coming from a background in construction and passion for surfing I deeply understand the need to maintain a healthy body to get the most out of life. Through my own experiences I also know how important it is to maintain mental wellness. I'm extremely passionate particularly about mens mental wellness, connecting people to nature and cultivating a safe environment in which you can explore all facets of your being.  

About Me

My journey began with my own personal battles. Long term mental health issues, dependency on drugs and alcohol, where I thought I had found the relief I was looking for, things got to a breaking point. Facing a long term prison sentence, I knew something had to change. This is what I like to call 'BY' life 'Before Yoga'.


Using the exact tools and techniques that I now offer others, I found my way back home. I discovered my own personal self worth. With these new found beliefs and values I quickly realised that my life purpose was to pass my experience, learnings and guidance on to as many people as possible and play my part in healing the hoop of the community in which live.

I've studied in community services, completed my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with BodyMindLife Sydney and 100hr Healing Touch Training (Thai Yoga Massage/Energy Healing/CranioSacral) with Inspired Livin' Bali.



This first time I walked into a yoga studio, my ego got a bruising. Coming from lifting heavy weights in a gym, my body just didn't know how to handle the strength and flexibility required in yoga. I want to share intelligent yoga sequencing for all levels and abilities that builds strength through flexibility and will have you doing yoga for a long time.

All classes are held at The Open Mind Space

Broadmeadow. Private sessions are available by request here.


10:00am Flow & Release 90min


 6:00am Open Flow *infrared heated 75min

 7:30am Progressive *infrared heated 60min

10:00am Yin 5min


12:15pm Open Flow 45min

 5:30pm Broga 75min


 6:00am Progressive *infrared heated 75min

 7:30am Open Flow 60min


10:30am Basics Flow 60min


 7:00am Progressive *infrared heated 75min

 8:30am Open Flow 75min



Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is a subtle yet dynamic form of body work. It works on fascia, muscles and energy lines.


In a Thai Yoga Massage session you remain fully clothed and lay on a thin mattress on the floor. I manoeuvre your body gently to unwind and open your fascia universe. Your fascia is a connective tissue which encases your whole body, connecting muscles to each other, to organs, your skin... damage to fascia in your thigh for example may leave you experiencing tension in your upper back. By unwinding and releasing fascia you create space for the body to heal.

I combine Thai Yoga Massage with energy healing and awareness to allow a shift on all levels.

My job is to observe your body holistically and provide a safe space for it to relax, release the tension and energetic blocks it has been holding on to for too long. 

I look forward to seeing you soon.



The Open Mind Space

31 Belford St, Broadmeadow


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